What is the best roof for a mobile home?

mobile home with a dark grey tiled roof

Keeping your mobile home safe

After 1976, the government changed the definition of mobile homes and raised minimum standards to raise the quality of manufacturing. Many manufacturing homes have a slightly rounded metal roof with a coating. Today, a mobile home roof will have a slight peak or pitch and is covered in metal panels or asphalt shingles. This has given mobile homes a better impression among many people that wouldn’t have considered looking at one before.

The mobile homes of today a very similar to traditional frame-built houses, with a lower purchase price. However, this doesn’t mean that maintenance and upkeep are any less important, especially when it comes to the maintenance, repair, or replacement of a mobile home roof. There are questions about mobile homes that haven’t been addressed, making them even more mysterious. Such as, what is a mobile home roof over?

A mobile home roof over is the process of placing a new roof or new roofing material over the current existing roof, the same as when a site-built home has a new roof installed. There may be a difference in the material used and the method to install it, but the result is the same.

Because there isn’t as much existing material to a mobile home roof to be removed, the cost of replacing a mobile home roof is less expensive than it is on a site-built home. It doesn’t require as much labor and the refuse waste is less. A mobile home roof over gives the owner the opportunity to totally change the appearance of the mobile home.

Can you put a metal roof on a mobile home?

The Florida sun is hard on a mobile home roof, it cracks and causes dry rot. It becomes worn and the cooling bills increase with the temperature. So, can you put a metal roof on your mobile? There are some people that will tell you a mobile home roof isn’t worth the expense or trouble because it will need major reinforcement. None of this is true. 

One reason that putting a metal roof on your mobile home will probably last forever, and with the high-tech, reflective coating on the metal for your mobile home roof, it won’t absorb the heat but reflect it and that hot summer sun. If you ever get ready to sell your mobile home, that metal roof will be a huge upsell, too!

That claim that a mobile home will need major reinforcement before a metal roof can be installed is false! Metal is lighter than asphalt shingles and your mobile home can bear the weight easily, yet, metal mobile home roofs are durable and strong in high winds and fireproof too. 

Can you raise the roof on a mobile home?

If you are looking for a way to update your older mobile home, raising the roof is one of the best ways to do that.  A raised roof pitch will give your mobile home more structural benefits, a plus in heavy rain or snow, make your home more energy-efficient too. 

How do you put a roof on a mobile home? 

Prior to installing a raised roof on your mobile home, you need to repair any damage to the original roof. Today, there are kits available for raising your mobile home roof that will have all you need to complete the job in one day.  Or call a professional roofing contractor.  This will give you a guarantee and warranty on the work should there be any problems later. 

How do you find a leak in a mobile home roof?

Like a site-built home, a roof leak can be difficult to find on a mobile home roof too. There are two types of roofing on mobile homes, one is the older flat roof and modern mobile home roofs are shingled. We offer the following tips on finding those pesky leaks: 

For a shingled roof, look for damaged, loose, or missing shingles, hammer any loose or popped-up nails and patch any nail holes. Check rubber boots, flashing, overhangs, ice dams, and vents. Anything loose or missing, repair or replace them. 

Many mobile homes with flat roofs have a membrane or rubber coating that may blister, crack or separate at the seams or around the chimneys and vents. You can purchase rubber coating by the gallon or bucket and brush it over the troubled areas.

What is a mobile home roof life expectancy?

Like a site-built home, a mobile home roof will last longer when you have taken proper care and performed maintenance as needed. Typically, the life span of a mobile home roof is 30 years, and some have been known to last 55 years or longer.

Mobile home with new siding and mobile home

What is the best mobile home roofing?

  • Aluminum: The most popular mobile home roof because of all the benefits it provides.  Replacing the original roof won’t require anything to be done to the original roof, making the job go faster. A metal roof kit will add 40 to 60 years to your mobile home.
  • Asphalt: Popular despite the weight being an issue for a mobile home roof. Contractors like working with asphalt, installation is cheaper, and there is a wide selection of colors and designs.
  • TPO: Even though this is the least expensive of mobile home roofing options, it isn’t popular because it doesn’t give a home any upgrade to the curb appeal.

A mobile home roof can complete the curb appeal, and that is what any homeowner should want. Before you choose a roofing contractor to install a roof over, roof replacement, or roof repair, get 3 or 4 mobile home roof estimates and compare the benefits of each contractor. Check their references, certification, licensing, and insurance. Need mobile home roofing in Tallahassee, FL? Call the experts from Folsom Roofing at (850) 566-6504 today!