Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A standing seam metal roof installation

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Can Work For Your Home

Here at Folsom Roofing, we offer standing seam metal roofing services because we believe these types of roofs to be viable options for many homeowners. Standing seam metal roofing systems are a great option, especially here in Florida where the weather is often extreme and unpredictable. Give us a call at (850) 566-6504 for some of the advantages of standing seam metal roof installation in Tallahassee, FL.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

Are there really more advantages to a metal roof than a traditional asphalt shingle roof? There actually are! As a homeowner, you can experience a number of benefits from a standing seam metal roof installation including:

  • Durability – Standing seam metal roofs last longer than traditional shingle roofing. The panels run vertically and interlock with one another along their sides to create a snug fit that can last for several decades.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Standing seam metal roofs also come in a variety of colors and designs. They add a modern flair to any property they adorn and they can be made to emulate classic styles as well.
  • Better Leak Protection – The seam that is created with these kinds of roofs offer better protection from leaks because they are raised. They are manufactured to slot into one another perfectly and the seam that is created is elevated to protect the underlayment.
  • Lightweight – The reason many contractors charge a lot for roof installations has to do with the weight of the material and how difficult it is to install it. Standing seam panels are lightweight though. While the material itself may cost more than traditional roofing materials, the installation will usually be cheaper and the long-term savings outweigh the initial cost.

In addition to these benefits, there are several others. For example, you’ll generally find a reduced need for standing seam metal roof repairs because the material and structure perform better overall. Should you ever need repairs or a standing seam metal roof replacement, you can count on us. We are the professionals you need to rely on when you need a roof installation of any kind.

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