Residential Roof Installation

asphalt shingle residential roof installation

Residential Roof Installation the way it should be

It seems like pretty much everyone these days is looking for a way to earn a cheap buck. Mechanics are ripping off motorists, restaurants are skimping on ingredients and even roofing contractors are trying to sneak hidden fees into the final invoice. This can be especially problematic with roof installation services where the projects are so large, its easy to sneak in a few changes here and there. But that is not the way we do business here at Folsom Roofing. All of our services are predicated upon a deep respect for our clients. Our residential roof installation in Tallahassee, FL is no exception. You can always count on honesty and integrity when you work with us. Call us at (850) 566-6504 for more.

Roof Installation Services and How We Operate

For starters, we are very forthright from the very beginning. Our estimates and subsequent quotes transparently break down all charges in a way anyone could understand. We tell you exactly what the project will entail and in the end, you will pay only what we quoted you at the beginning of the project. Our many loyal customers here in Tallahassee, FL will attest to our transparent and fair billing. This is true for our roof installation services as well as our repair services.

While projects like residential roof installation can be pricey, we do our best to work within your budget. We will never lie to you about the price or the scope of the work just to win the bid. You can count on us to shoot straight with you because we appreciate it when other businesses and people shoot straight with us. We believe that’s how business should be done. So when you call us out for an estimate for your residential roof replacement job, you will get the whole truth and nothing but honesty.

And while we may not be the largest residential roofing company in the city, we are dedicated to our clients. We know that they demand a good balance of quality and timely completion. We work hard on all of the projects we undertake, not only to ensure a quality result but also to get the job done on time. For more information about our residential any of our other roofing services, give us a call.

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We Can Install The Roof You Want

Over the years, we have diversified and specialized our roof installation service. We started out in 1993 and in all that time, we have never stopped learning. We listened carefully to the concerns and intents of our customers and realized that they wanted more options. That’s why today, you can call on us to install all kinds of residential roofs. From standing seam metal roofing systems to flat residential roofing systems, we can do it all. We give you the options for your home that our competitors can’t. We have put in the time and effort to educate our team and train them in the best installation methods no matter what kind of materials are involved.

Call to Schedule an Appointment Today

Whether you are concerned about longevity, wind-resistance, or curb appeal, we can install a roof that works perfectly for all your needs. All of our installations are done with high-quality hardware and building materials too. We adhere strictly to local building codes and statutes. Folsom Roofing is a fully licensed and bonded residential roofing contractor company with a sterling track record. We would be happy to share our many references for you. We want you to feel comfortable and confident moving forward with us. After all, this is your home we’re talking about. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have hired honest, capable and professional roofers. We would love to discuss your project over the phone or in person. Give our team a call at (850) 566-6504 for a residential roof installation in Tallahassee, FL.