Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing Right For Your Home?

standing seam metal roofing

What is standing seam metal roofing?

Standing seam metal roofing is made with a series of vertical metal panels that interlock, and those interlocking components are the seams that are fit together in different ways. The significant difference between standing seam metal roofing and corrugated roofs is the seams. With a standing seam metal roofing, the fasteners are hidden, and with corrugated metal, the fasteners are exposed.  This sleek appearance that standing seam metal roofing has is what has drawn the attention of homeowners everywhere. Standing seam metal roof materials are usually made from a thicker grade, 26 gauge minimum, a G-90 galvanized or galvalume steel for the panels. As opposed to a corrugated steel roof is made of a 29 gauge steel. 

Can you put a standing seam metal roof over shingles?

Budget is always a concern for contractors and homeowners, and if metal roofing is the plan, standing seam metal roof installation is usually their choice.  Unlike aluminum and steel shingles, standing seam metal roofing panels should not be installed on a roof with existing asphalt shingles. Once the coating wears off of standing seam metal roof materials, it will ultimately corrode and rust.

The stone granules of asphalt shingles contract will be rubbed from the contracting and expanding of the standing seam metal roofing, wear the coating off and start rusting sooner than it usually would. These issues can be avoided by tearing off the old asphalt shingles and remove all nails that are protruding from the decking before you proceed with the standing seam metal roofing installation. 

Any experienced, honest roofing contractor that installs standing seam metal roofing will know this and will advise any customer while providing their quote. The qualified roofing contractor will discuss options and requirements with the homeowner and answer any questions and offer recommendations and suggestions, including choosing the right color for your home’s architectural style. 

Green metal roof

Is a standing seam metal roof worth the cost?

That is a common question and understandable. Standing seam metal roofing is expensive; any roofing material is not something a homeowner should be frivolous about choosing. Roofing is an essential factor for your home, and you’re going to be looking at it for the next 20 years or longer.  

Generally speaking, standing seam metal roofing installation is going to cost you more than an asphalt shingle installation or a corrugated metal roofing installation. However, a standing seam metal roofing installation will have a longer lifespan than an asphalt shingle roof. 

When it comes to standing seam metal roofing, pros and cons should be considered, and it is the following benefits that decide for many homeowners to take that extra expense: 

  • A Durable Material: Standing seam metal roofing is made of a durable material, which makes one of the most significant differences from asphalt shingles. As we mentioned earlier, standing seam metal roofing is made of more substantial and thicker material than corrugated roofing, which is commonly found on barns and sheds. A standing seam metal roofing that has been installed correctly can stand up to winds of 110mph. 
  •  Energy Efficient: Asphalt shingles are available in any colors today, but most are still a dark color that absorbs heat from the sun. The metal panels of a standing seam metal roofing installation come in more colors today, too, including lighter colors that reflect the sun’s UV rays, providing an extra layer of insulation. 
  • Longer Life Span: A standing seam metal roofing can last fifty years when installed and maintained correctly. Standing seam metal roofing maintenance is vital to get that fifty years (or longer) lifespan. 
  • Maintenance and upkeep: The durability of standing seam metal roofing is an essential factor when compared to asphalt roofing, which needs inspection every three years.  Standing seam metal roofing that has been installed correctly can have an inspection every five years unless there is extreme weather, or you notice a leak. 
  • Installation varies: Different types of standing seam metal roofing have different ways they fit together. While some interlock easily, others need special tools to crimp the seams. A standing seam metal roofing has an average two-day installation on average, depending on the size and dimensions of the house.

Okay, so standing seam metal roofing is fantastic, but what are the disadvantages of a metal roof? There are a few, and each homeowner needs to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages to determine if a standing seam metal roofing is right for them.  Those disadvantages are: 

  • Affordability. Metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt roofing, as much as two to three times more. A metal roof as a long lifespan, but if you’re only going to be in the house another ten years, standing seam metal roofing may not be the choice for you. 
  • Noisy. A standing seam metal roofing can be noisy during hailstorms and heavy. Having an extra layer of insulation during install can help minimize that but will add to the cost of the install.
  • Contractions and expansion. A standing seam metal roofing will contract and expand with the temperature. When they are installed correctly, they fasteners can come loose, and the roof can develop a leak. The fasteners should be installed so that the metal can breathe and eliminate this problem. An experienced roofing contractor will know this and include it in their quote for you.  

The color match is inconsistent. It can be challenging to get the exact same color if any repairs are needed due to exposure to the sun that will change the color over time. Call (850) 566-6504 today for standing seam metal roofing in Tallahassee, FL.