Is standing seam metal roof worth it?

standing seam roofing on a building

Durable standing seam metal roofing

If the roof on your home is at its end of life or has been damaged to point it needs to be repaired, consider going with a standing seam metal roof this time. Yes, this is the type of roofing you would find on commercial and industrial structures. Or maybe you have images of an old barn you saw on a drive in the country recently. These images are nothing like the standing seam metal roof example for your home though. 

As you begin your journey of considering a standing seam metal roof, you should know some facts about metal roofing for a home. First, you should know there are two kinds of metal roofs which look alike, yet they are different.  There is the R-Panel metal roofing and the standing seam metal roof. What are the differences among standing seam metal roof vs r panel? 

  • The Fasteners: When installed correctly, both R-Panel and Standing seam metal roof panels offer a long lifespan with regular inspections. Standing seam metal roofing panels the fasteners and the R-Panel metal roof panels are exposed. The standing seam metal roof panels have less chance of leaks because of their hidden fasteners. 
  • The Cost: R-Panel metal roof is the less expensive between the two, making it the budget choice. 
  • The Solar Panel Option: the standing seam metal roof panels are designed so that the S-5 clamps attach easily to the seams without drilling. The same is said with the snow retention system on standing seam metal roofing. 
  • The Applications: Both kinds of metal roofing can be used in different ways, each having a certain application that is a better fit than the other. 
  • Notes: The least expensive of the two is the R-Panel, found on agriculture, commercial, and industrial structures. The overall standing seam metal roof quality make it the most preferred for upscale commercial structures and residential areas.

Is 22 gauge steel strong?

Twenty-two gauge is the strongest of metal panels. When it comes to metal roofing, there a several profiles to choose from in the way of thickness and strength. The standard measurements for U.S. manufacturers for thickness, gauge, is 22 is the thickest and 29 is the thinnest. There is a nominal range in decimals making any variance between manufacturers. 

What gauge is standing seam metal roofing?

Standing seam metal roof thickness ranges between 22 gauge, the thickest to 29 gauge, the thinnest and for residential structures, most roofing contractors will use 24 gauge or 26 gauge. The decision is based on the possible weather events the structure needs to endure and the customer’s budget. 

What is the best standing seam metal roof?

Roofing contractors experienced with standing seam metal roofs will recommend the 26 gauge metal. When this material is installed properly, there are many standing seam metal roof advantages including:       

  • Durability: Standing seam metal roofing in a 24 or 26 gauge is unlike other roofing materials. It doesn’t corrode or crack, it can withstand winds of 140 mph, and has a lifespan expectancy of 50 years or longer. A fire resistant material that sheds ice, rain, and snow quick, getting that extra weight off. 
  • Curb Appeal:  Standing seam metal roof has a clean design, making a perfect match for any architectural style.  
  • Minimum Maintenance: Standing seam metal roofs need minimal maintenance. The fasteners are ideal for protection from the elements, making the roof weather-resistant.  Routine inspections are recommended and after significant weather events. 
  • Low Environment Impact: Standing seam metal roofs are designated as a “cool” roof by the EPA (U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency) because they are reflective of radiant heat and sunlight. As a cool roof, the energy use is reduced, along with the air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions reduced too.  Because they are made from recycled metal and can be recycled, this metal roofing is an environmentally friendly material. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: The initial cost of a standing seam metal roof is higher than other roofing material choices, but with the long lifespan and minimal maintenance or repairs, the ROI over time is strong.

How long does a standing seam metal roof last?

Like anything for your home, proper installation can make all the difference in longevity. The same is true for standing seam metal roofs too. Proper installation and adequate ventilation in the attic, a minimum of 30 years up to 50 years lifespan should be expected. 

commercial roof with metal

Why is standing seam metal roof so expensive?

Standing seam metal roofing is a premier choice these days for homeowners, even being the most expensive of all metal roof materials. Because it is durable, energy-efficient, and offers a long lifespan, the 30% more that it cost over asphalt shingles is seen to be of value for homeowners. 

In further detailing of standing seam metal roof materials, the G-90 Galvanized Steel, most common for residential use, because of the zinc plating. While aluminum is more expensive, the cost difference is minimal, and more consumers choose the standing seam metal roof material. 

The standing seam metal roof benefits of durability, fire-resistance, corrosion resistant, and overall strength that a professionally installed standing seam metal roof and the longevity of the material all adds up the expense of standing seam metal roof material. Once installed, there will be minimal maintenance or repairs required, meaning this roofing material will pay for itself. Call (850) 566-6504 today for your standing seam metal roof in Tallahassee, FL.