How do you fix a sagging roof on a mobile home?

shingled mobile home roofs

Can you put shingles on a mobile home?

We’ve talked about roofing here many times, commercial and residential. None of those conversations have said much about a mobile home roof, so, we are making that our topic today. Why? Because the structure of a mobile home roof is different than a site built home and the elements affect them differently. 

When a mobile home roof is damaged by weather, or a mobile home roof is leaking because is starting to age, mobile home roof repair is more like repairing a commercial flat roof than a site built home with a standard pitched roof. There are different considerations when it comes to a mobile home roofing fixes, and not every roofing contractor is experienced and prepared for this task. 

Yes, with some considerations and forethought. There are three options for a mobile home roof material:

  • Aluminum
  • Asphalt shingles
  • TPO 

TPO is the most common used material because of its flexibility and installs easily. The white surface offer optimal energy efficiency, and it is inexpensive. However, asphalt shingles are used for a mobile home roof, but only one layer. A mobile home roof doesn’t have the structure stamina as a site built home to hold up the weight of multiple layers of asphalt shingles. 

How often should you coat a mobile home roof?

Mobile home roof coating, like commercial roof coating, is a rubber like material that is rolled on and seals any cracks that may be present. Expert roofing contractors that install and service mobile home roofs recommend re-coating every two to three years and inspect the roof after a storm for possible touch-ups. Bad weather or not, a mobile home roof should be inspected yearly. 

Before applying a mobile roof coating, the following is recommended: 

  • The Weather:  There should not be any rain forecasted for  a couple of days and no colder than 50 degrees with a low humidity to get the best adhesion and results. 
  • Inspection: Even if your mobile home roof isn’t leaking,  there could still be cracks and damages. Do a thorough inspection before applying the roof coating.
  • Cleaning: After doing a thorough inspection, clean the roof of any flaking coating, especially around the edges and vents.  The new roof coating won’t adhere well over old coating that is flaking. 
  • Make Repairs: Using a roof patching cement, make repairs as needed.
  • Pressure Wash: Pressure wash your mobile home roof to remove any dirt and grime then allow it to dry completely  before beginning.
  • Applying the Coating: Do not overlook the seams with the repair process or coating. Each roll of the coating should have a one inch overlap with the previous roll. Make sure to coat the J-Rails and flashings. Using a paint roller, you’ll need one gallon for every 100 square foot for proper thickness.  

Do mobile homes need roof vents?

HUD is responsible for the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards which determines the structure and safety of mobile home manufacturing. The requirements according to MHCSS states that all double wide mobile homes shall have shingled roofing, and a single-wide mobile home roof shall be ventilated.  These requirements can vary from state to state to meet the climate and weather conditions of the area. 

What if your mobile home roof is the TPO coated low-sloped style roof, can you have asphalt shingles installed?  Yes, but only after some alterations have been done, and here is why:

Every inch of a mobile home is designed and build specifically to the layout, beginning with the chassis. The chassis is balanced with a curve to properly distribute the weight. Where a site-built home has pitched roof trusses, a mobile home roof has lateral roof trusses that go from side to side, resting on the sidewalls.

This doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your mobile home roof to asphalt. Because asphalt shingles are heavy, a mobile home’s structural integrity would need to be increased if possible. A roofing professional that works on mobile home roofing can inspect yours and advise if this is a feasible task.  

Can you put regular gutters on a mobile home?

No, to install a gutter system on a mobile home roof, there are gutters specially designed and manufactured for mobile homes. Installing anything different could damage the mobile home roof and siding.

mobile home with a porch roof being installed

Can you walk on a mobile home roof?

Mobile home manufacturers say it is safe to walk on a mobile home roof, but insurance experts recommend taking precautions, like inspecting the roof and trusses first.  You want the roof to be in sound condition before  walking on mobile home roof, or any roof.      

A mobile home roof will provide comfort and safety as any site-built home’s roof. They need as much attention to inspection and cleaning as site-built homes. The mobile home roof is an important component and should be kept maintained and repaired to get the full expected 50 year lifespan. Call (850) 566-6504 today.